samedi 12 mars 2016

Jellography - Android & IOS.

Why it's ETHIC ? Because we decide to offer un maximum security game for Parents and Children.

- No Puchases in App - Safe for children !!
- No Advertisements - For a relax play.
- 3 différents profiles - For children and Parents
- No datas collection - It's stupide i know but we think that a game would not HACK YOUR LIFE.
Why breaking Candies when you can discover the world ?

Ah retraining when you hold us!

Yes we tried the difficult adventure of the game developmenton mobile device. I spend you the torments of the new business start-up... Ah yes, because in France we can make nothing if we have not structure, bank, number of Siret, Taxes number, and to have put the loins of his children in gages to obtain all of this.

So our first game is Jello Graphy©. A 3match game (Rhaaa not stiiiiiiill that !! I hear you at the bottom of the room!). Well, yes, we must just begin with something.

Moreover, download-it ! That's will make us climb on statistics!

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Worse we did't skimp, 5 languages included

Nothing is worth than a small video to show.

I wanted to create an old style design like the arcade game of the 80s 90s with very detailed graphics and pixel dawing. All of that with watercolors backgrounds.
As it is a game sold in Premium (yes I know it is not the best model to make some cash) I've make a rather easy gameplay at the beginning so that the players  have time to take it in hands and discover all the features.

It's a relaxing game, and not a source of stress and frustration.

mercredi 16 avril 2014

jeudi 27 mars 2014

SPINE 2D - Test for 2D animations on Spine 2D - 2014

I'd discover "Spine 2D" for mobile animations. I'd design a 2d character and animate it for a single try.
It's fun and i'm waiting for new features of this Software because i like it very much and don't forget it !! I was a 2d Artist in my first seven years in VideoGame industry.

dimanche 5 janvier 2014


Lead Animator - Motion Capture Engineer (2013) - XBox360 - PS3 - PC

( Skeletons Setups - Animations - Physicals Setups).

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lundi 2 janvier 2012

AMY - 2012

Lead Animator - Motion Capture Engineer (2012) - XBox360 - PS3

(Motion Capture Systems -  Skeletons Setups - Animations - Physicals Setups).


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samedi 27 décembre 2008

TOPSPIN 3 - 2008

R&D (2008) - XBox360 - PS3 - PC
(R&D - Asset setup - Pipeline writing on clothing system).


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dimanche 22 décembre 2002

"LA TOILE DU DIABLE" - PS2 Technical Demo - 2002

Lead Animator - Motion Capture (2002) - PS2 - PC

(Motion Capture Integration -  Skeletons Setups - Animations).

Developped in 2002 by Delphine Software on PS2, this demo was done to sign a new point and click style project called "Legions of Fear". It was never signed.

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